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Having trouble getting comfortable enough to rest or sleep while traveling? You need a travel pillow that works!

The Zami Travel Pillow is a new revolutionary multi-cell inflatable travel pillow suitable for all your Travel and Leisure needs. Zami pillow is the only travel pillow you will ever need.

The Zami travel pillow is made of heavy grade commercial materials which makes it extremely durable. Use Zami pillow while flying, boating, camping, taking a bath, relaxing by the pool, in the car, or just about anywhere else. There is no other Travel accessory on the market that is as versatile as the Zami travel pillow!

We challenge you to find a more durable or more versatile Travel pillow on the market today. The Zami is soft and comfortable enough to allow you to rest comfortably while flying on a plane and at the same time durable enough to allow you to use it on your next camping trip. No other market was designed with this concept in mind! All of the other companies want you to buy one of their pillows to use in the car, then they want you to buy another one of their pillows to use on the plane, then another one for a different purpose. We designed the Zami so you could buy just ONE pillow and use it anywhere and everywhere that you wanted to.

Zami pillow is light weight, extremely durable, and comes with a convenient carry bag.

Add it to your list of must have travel accessories!!

Only $19.95 plus S+H

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Ross Weland of the

said the Zami is
"A multicell inflatable pillow designed with versatility in mind for the weary traveler"
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